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Over the years, Ted J. Greiner (CEO) with his background in Horticulture and Agronomy, has designed and implemented processes for TJB-INC that account for property specifics such as plant/tree types and ages, lawn type and size, and overall property acreage. With this information, TJB-INC can provide a comprehensive plan that includes maintenance schedules for mowing/trimming/pruning, fertilizing, core aeration, turf renovation & overseeding, hard cut-backs of plants and chemical control activities. Customers can choose from the services below.

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Landscape Installation

TJB-INC's installation techniques are based on the need to work with natural forces. By providing the proper environment for each plant, the possibility for long-term health is maximized.The soil profile is improved by the addition of composts and other organic materials, this improvement is best over areas, not just in the planting hole.

A simple colorful garden, a new foundation planting, or a major rehab/installation, TJB-INC can provide you service from concept to completion. We start all projects with advance planning.

Of critical importance in the landscaping process is the advance planning; the work is just too physically demanding and expensive to have to do it more than once. We want you to understand each phase of the job and how it relates to the project as a whole. Extra care devoted to soil improvement will pay for itself in enhanced plant health and vigor. Our landscape assessment begins with your site and careful consideration of how you want to utilize your outdoor space.

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Traditional Treatment Program

TJB-INC offers both Traditional and Organic treatment programs for residential & commercial lawns.Our Traditional program is a 5-Step containing fertilizer, pre & post emergent crabgrass control, surface & sub-surface insect control, broadleaf spray, & Yellow Nut Sedge control. We do Soil Testing on all of our lawns every fall so we can make the necessary fertilizer program changes for each property.

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Organic Treatment Program

TJB-INC’s program uses all natural lawn fertilizers to build healthy, natural soil, and lawns. Since all successful organic lawns start from the soil up, we includes a Comprehensive Soil Analysis with our Organic Lawn Treatment Program to ensure the best possible, chemical-free lawn. No herbicides, fungicides, or synthetic pesticides are utilized in our Organic Lawn Treatment Program.

Our Organic treatment program is based upon processed poultry litter applied as our fertilizer and modified based the results of the property’s soil test result.Weed and insect controls are not applied in this program but can be added by request.

Tick Treatment

Ticks are extremely small and require a very little amount of spray for quick control. TJB-INC use an odorless low-dose insecticide (TEMPO 2E @1.1 oz per 100 gallons of water). You will be able to use the treated areas in approximately 1 hour or when it dries. It is safe for humans & animals. It is toxic to fish, so care will be taken if you have a fish pond or stream on your or your neighbor’s property. Spray timing will depend upon local weather conditions and seasonal forecasts.

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TJB-INC specializes in a variety of Landscape Maintenance services including : Spring & Fall Property Clean-up; Weekly Mowing Services; Perennial garden care; Shrub Spraying, Pruning & Removal; Edging of Garden Beds & Driveways with Belgium Block; Hand & Chemical Weed Control, Bark Mulch, Stone, Playground Mulch Delivery and Spreading, Trash & Sand Pickup, Turf & Shrub Fertilization and Insect Control, Lawn Renovation & Installation, Sodding, Dethatching, Core Aerating, Brush Cutting, and more!

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