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Imagine walking out the back door of your home or office to your very own golf green and practicing your short game while entertaining friends and family. Picture that perfect green just a few steps away where you could chip and putt anytime. How much would your golf game improve if practicing your short game was this convenient?

Our greens replicate conditions found on the world's finest golf courses. They ensure that your golf ball has a true roll, at tour speeds, holds chips, pitches just like a natural green.

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Putting Greens

TJB-INC's Residential synthetic putting greens are high quality and installed by our professional and experienced staff. This ensures that TJB-INC. will deliver you a superior quality product to meet your specific putting green needs. Our most popular synthetic putting green surfaces are the 9/16" long fiber in either Polypropylene or Nylon construction. Our putting greens can produce a ball roll of 9-11.5 on the PGA Stimp Meter with speeds comparable to most PGA greens. Our Nylon turf fibers have been manufactured to stand up naturally, and our turf has virtually no grain, thus the ball rolls the same in all directions.

The tips of the fibers have been bent to simulate the true roll of a real bent grass green. TJB-INC offers indoor and outdoor synthetic putting green solutions, including: New Construction/Installation, Repairs & Patching, Cleaning & Brushing, Infill Applications (if required), & Removal of old turf. We can also offer professional care advice for natural putting greens by our CT DEEP Licensed (S-1710) turf expert. For fee based, on-site consultations, click here.

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Lawns & Pet Turf

Earth friendly & water friendly, our Synthetic Lawn & Pet Turf keeps the dirt and mud off your pets & kids no matter what the weather is like outside. No muddy paws or footprints tracked into the house. For Pet turf, it means no more digging holes in the yard and getting dirt all over the place.

Our turf has superior drainage. Let it rain because water (or any other liquid) drain right through at a rate of 30” per hour. With no standing water, your kids & pets will be able to use the area right after a storm passes. Synthetic lawns are perfect around raised pools where mowing is not feasible but the look of grass is. Never having to cut your lawn again can free up lots of extra time to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Backyard Putting Greens

Need proof in person? Just come to our Hamden, Connecticut's outdoor Display Gardens and see for yourself. We have a 15' x 38' Nylon with 2 cups installed along with a 1st cut and fringe turf for your putting pleasure complete with water hazards. The outdoor display greens are available for play 24/7, 365 days a year. Synthetic turf samples and literature are also available. TJB-INC. will strive to best serve its customers' current putting and chipping needs and to anticipate and exceed those same customers' expectations for future products to help in shaving strokes off their golf score. Get started today!

Maintenance / Repair

Even though artificial turf doesn't require the amount of maintenance and care that is needed with natural grass, care and maintenance is still very much needed.

Synthetic turf sports fields require quality maintenance and care programs and when done properly, the life of the field can be extended. A consistent maintenance program will keep the play of the field constant for much longer. The same applies for Synthetic Lawn & Pet Turf. Removal of the fallen accumulated organic debris will extend the life of the surface for years to come and help prevent unwanted weeds from growing.

For surfaces that have accumulated mold or moss due to improper drainage of the surface water, we use an oxidizing solution to kill the unwanted growth but not hurt the turf or natural surrounding vegetation. Power brushing helps to get the turf back into proper condition and extends the life of the synthetic fibers. Synthetic Putting Green surfaces are best kept clean and in great playing condition if they are vacuumed monthly. This will help remove fallen organic debris that would decompose over time creating humus that will support natural weed growth.

TJB-INC offers fee based, on-site consultations and evaluations with our in-house synthetic turf expert.

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