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We charge a nominal fee (to cover our gas and time) to come out to your location for an on-site consultation/estimate. An on-site consultation/estimate is a great investment of your time and money! A Professional Consultant from our company will spend as much time as needed to educate you through the pond, hardscape, drainage, or landscape design process at your location where you are planning your project. Our Consultant will walk you through an interview process to determine just what exactly your wants and expectations are for your future project.

Please review our consultation guidelines and pricing structure.

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Site Assessment

Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer and just need professional guidance to either get started or help finish a project, we can assist you by giving you advise on how to best tackle the issues you are up against. Make sure to have a pen and paper available to take notes! We will give you a lot of information! Many times, we can provide you with publications & contacts that will help you complete your project quicker & less expensively.

You are paying for an on-site educational experience with an industry expert that will allow you to have professional results with all the tips and time-savers that we use on a daily basis in our successful 40+ year business. Most times, a design/estimate is left with you at the time of the consultation so you know exactly what is involved and the associated costs involved. If the project is needed to be broken down into phases, then we can do that for you as well. Please review our consultation and site assessment information and guidelines here.

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We conduct an in-depth interview each client to design the perfect cost-effective solution to match your needs. Our Consultant is there to give you creative insights through the eyes of literally hundreds of professionally designed and installed landscapes, custom water features, wetland filters, bog gardens, brick/stone work, drainage issues and much more!

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