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Topsoil is an important resource and investment for any property owner. A well-built retaining wall system can preserve the natural shape of your land, reinforce hills and slopes, and protect buildings or other structures from possible landslides or soil erosion. Retaining walls are also an attractive enhancement to your overall landscaping.

TJB-INC can construct custom retaining walls to beautify and add utility to your landscape. We can build Engineered Segmental Wall Systems, Structural Timber Wall Systems, Boulder Walls, & Natural Stone Walls. For walls over 4’ in height, we can get the required engineered stamp required by most town building departments to help speed up the construction process.

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Segmental Block Walls

Segmental Block walls are durable, long-lasting and can have very unique looks with different shapes, sizes, and colors. Block walls can have many uses such as retaining hillsides, raised planting beds, borders, and stairways.

TJB-INC uses blocs from many different suppliers such as : Unilock, Nicolock, Techo-Bloc, Keystone,Versilock, Bolduc, Belgard, & more for our installations. We are Certified Segmental Retaining Wall (SRW) Installers (CSRWI) by the National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA).

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Structural Timber Walls

Timber walls are economical but not a long term solution like other wall materials. You can expect 15-20 years before they may need a face lift or repair The size most common are 6" x 6" x 8' & 6" x 8" x 8' with larger lengths, sizes available by special order.

Structural Timbers are pressure-treated to increase the longevity of the wood in contact with the ground over time. When properly constructed, they have the same drainage stone backfill as the Segmental wall systems which prevents the “freeze and tip” problems associated with poor construction. This stone backfill also keeps direct soil contact away from the wood allowing for a longer life for the installation.

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Boulder Walls

Retaining boulder walls are beautiful and timeless maintenance of landscape. These retaining boulder walls need to be strong to support the soil behind them. Boulders naturally perform this task. The boulders' sheer weight makes them a highly effective product for boulder retaining walls. These retaining walls are installed to lean towards the soil and counteract the effects of gravity. The purpose of these boulder walls help manage drainage control and stop the continuous erosion of property. The wall's construction offers level surfaces for owners to have more space than the original yard. Boulder retaining walls are attractive and functional.

Retaining boulder walls solve vertical heights challenges, changing temperatures, and ground conditions. The boulder walls resist the lateral pressures contributed by loose or saturated soil. The biggest complication to any retaining wall system is its drainage capacity. It is very important to have proper drainage. Active pressure on constructed retaining walls, with poor drainage, can bulge, crack, or lean forward. Boulder walls are mortar less. These walls have an advantage of a built in "drainage system". Water is able to seep through the small space between the stones. Landscape fabric is placed behind the wall to allow water to flow freely but prevent the soil from washing through. Boulder walls are also very unique when it comes to color, shape, and size. Boulder sizes will range from 12" to 60" or more. They can be rounded, flat and multisided. Retaining walls, raised beds, borders, and shoreline rip-rap are the most common uses for boulders walls.

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Natural Stone Walls

Natural stone walls are similar to boulder walls except flat or split rocks are used. Stone walls are long-lasting and can be constructed straight, curved, or just about any shape desired. There is also a large variety of colors, shapes, and textures available today.

TJB-INC can use special “aging” techniques to add moss and lichen to the stones to make it appear the wall has been there for decades.

Maintenance & Repair

TJB-INC also does repairs and reconstruction on walls that require attention from environmental & physical damage or poor quality construction. Many times a simple on-site inspection and recommendations by our experts done early can help eliminate a disaster later on from a wall failure. For wall systems that have totally failed, TJB-INC can sometimes reconstruct the wall using the existing materials saving the owner the expense of a complete new construction while using up to date installation techniques & procedures.

TJB-INC offers fee based, on-site consultations and evaluations with our in-house CSRW certified expert. To learn more, click here.

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