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You may not be familiar with our name but certainly you may have seen our creations in your neighborhood or somewhere else. Segmental paving is as old as the roads of the Roman Empire. For centuries, compacted soil and an aggregate base formed a lasting foundation for tightly fitted stone units that are still with us today.

For the last 30+ years, the interlocking concrete paving industry has become one of the most demanded paving solutions, not only for residential applications, but for commercial and industrial as well. TJB-INC has also grown with such demand, accumulating many years of experience among our staff and our highly qualified technicians with hundreds of installations. We offer traditional & permeable surfaces that will stand up to the test of time with our 10 year installation warranty.

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Traditional Interlocking Pavers

Using interlocking pavers as a surface for driveways, walkways, patio areas, and pool decks is an attractive, durable, low maintenance, weather resistant and cost effective way to improve the look of your property. TJB-INC has been installing pavers since the early 1980’s and we have the expertise to get the job done right and make it look great. We offer a 10 year warranty on our installations.

Paver stones come in many different styles, shapes, sizes and colors to create the perfect look for your home. We have manufacturer brochures and samples from our various suppliers to help you in choosing the right interlocking pavers for your special project.

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Permeable Interlocking Pavers

Intended for storm water runoff reduction & management, solid concrete pavers are placed over a bedding course of highly permeable open-aggregate. The joints are filled with open-graded aggregate making the surface 100% permeable. The pavers and bedding layer are placed over an open-graded base and sub-base which create a reservoir for storm water storage and infiltration back to ground water.

PICP’s ability to reduce or eliminate storm water runoff, even in intense rain events, also reduces pollution and loads on municipal storm water systems. PICP is intended for parking lots, driveways and increases usable non-permeable square footage of your site. Pavers are available in a variety of shapes, colors, & textures.

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Paver Art

Many of us view our yards and home spaces as reflections of our own sense of aesthetic style. It is really no wonder then that so many of us find it enjoyable and rewarding to personalize our yards and homes in order to make them truly unique. PaverArt's stones, unlike other paving stones, are not painted or stained with an add-on pigment. PaverArt utilizes a unique pigmentation process that ensures that colors remain vibrant after years of weathering and use. They use a special blend of concrete and intense pigment that is specifically designed to last a lifetime.

How you ultimately choose to utilize PaverArt products is entirely up to you and your imagination. They have pre-made designs ranging from nautical motifs to tropical, wildlife, athletic, and even patriotic themes. As a PaverArt distributor, we can help you find the very best PaverArt products for your given needs. We can also help you incorporate PaverArt products into your design scheme.

Porous Pave

Porous Pave is a revolutionary paving product made from recycled tires, stone aggregate, and a urethane binder. One of Porous Pave’s biggest features is its highly porous structure. Porous Pave allows large amounts of water to drain through it, minimizing the amount of water volume directed to storm drains, basins, and other areas of drainage. The non-skid properties of Porous Pave combined with its water storage capacity makes it safer than most other products for walkways & parking lots. Porous Pave reduces the need for separate retention areas and increases usable square footage of your site.

Maintenance & Repairs

TJB-INC provides multiple services for existing Hardscape installations. We offer pressurized deep cleaning and re-sanding with new state of the art polymeric sand. We can finish off the job with a professional paver sealer in either a gloss or satin finish. We offer stain, moss, mold & algae removal and prevention services and products. TJB-INC will repair sunken, raised, and/or improperly installed interlocking paver systems. These include such things as broken pavers, insect or rodent damage, sunken pavers, missing or raised edging, puddling or drainage issues. We have the ICPI certified team, knowledge and experience from hundreds of installations and repairs over the last 30+ years to make your installation look new & safe again.

We are members of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, ICPI. TJB-INC is proud of our ICPI certification. We also hold Certified Installer credentials from all of our suppliers. We have been honored to be certified as one of the few elite "Nicolock Hardscape Pro Installers" in the state of Connecticut.

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